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  • Instant setup

    With a click of a button, your Data Managment System is ready to go live. The process is simple and fast with your custom domain.

  • Fast loading premium templates

    We've designed our templates thinking about the users who will use them, their connectivity and their costs and managed to create stunning looking templates with 90% less data usage ( on both mobile and desktop ) and with more engagement from day 1.

  • Send as much traffic as you can, the system can handle it

    There is no limit on the amount of traffic you can send to your site(s) nor on the amount of data your users consume.

  • Simple and fast migration

    Like most news publishers, you're probably already using a system. We've made it incredibly simple to migrate your data to Revmix

  • Publish anywhere engine

    Our custom made publishing engine allows you to distribute your content where your users are.

    We've made it simple to have Instant Articles, Google Accelerated Mobile Pages and many more formats right when you need them, with no extra headaches.

  • Video Publishing Ready & Video Player with integrated ads

    Your team can start publishing video content as soon as they want to, without the need of special software or expensive networking solutions. The video player comes with both VAST and VPAID capabilitis and follows the Google IMA Sdk.

  • Advanced monetization engine

    The monetisation we've embded into our DMS is unparalleld in the news publishing ecosystem, giving you both the ability to sell your ads directly throu a simple user interface and to have them compete in real time against Google's Premium AdX inventory and other big exchanges with the use of header bidding technology and Google's DFP Ad Server.

  • Hierarchical user management

    Set each of your user's access rights and let your team work together on the stories that matter most.

  • Photo search and on the fly editing

    Your content team will love this since it eases their daily life. The system allows them to search and insert photos from around the web or from your own Dropbox folders, right there when composing the article.

  • Powerful granular reporting

    While the option of instaling your own Google Analytics code exists, we've also implemented our own custom analytics solution to better serve your need and to give you the necessary insights about your readers.

  • Integrated email collection + newsletter engine

    We've made it so easy to stay in touch with your readers and for them to connect with your content. With a click of a button you are able to collect emails and later on to create awesome targeted campaigns with measurable metrics.

  • Custom billing methods

    While advertising is the preferred monetisation strategy for most of the news publishers today, after talking with our beta testers, we've found out that having more options is for the better, hence your team will be able to add carrier billing paywalls or even credit card subscriptions for your publication.

    You'll also be in control, being able to activate or deactivate each method per article, category, editor or for your entire digital content.

  • Cloud photo / video editing and processing

    Your team will have everything big publishing companies have: the power of the cloud computing technology, released for the public by Google, IMB & Facebook.

    Knowing what your photos and videos are about is a vital element in the newsfeed customization race, on per individual user case.

  • Private themes & plugins marketplace

    After talking with our beta publishers we realised the need for a modular approach to functionality. Each publisher is different and each team has different needs, that is why we created our private marketplace where themes and plugins can be bought for pennies, used when needed or canceled on request.

  • Push notifications and chatbots

    One of the best growth methods we've come accross os the push notifications in the browser. It allows you as a publisher to send out periodical notifications to your users, re-engaging them with your brand.

    The latest technological marvel is the rise of chatbots and their usefullness in staying in touch with your audience, be it on Facebook Messenger, Telegram or any other messanging platform.

  • EU Data Protection Ready

    The latest policy updates from the European Union will make it harder for publishers to upgrade and to stay up to date with the requirements this new bill imposes. We've taken it upon ourselves to build our entire DMS around user data protection, giving you the comfort of being compliant at all times.

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